016: Google Chrome Bookmark Open Pages (Bonus Midweek Episode)

Don’t you wish you could remember all the tabs you had open before the power went out, or windows updated and your computer restarted?

Someone came to me the other day needing help with a wireless issue. To fix the problem, the laptop really needed a restart, but the user was reluctant to restart as they were almost at the end of their Masters Thesis and they had several documents open and dozens and dozens of Chrome tabs open with various research topics. In the end we found another way to get wireless and she promised she would reboot it after she squared everything away on the weekend.

One tip that I was able to share with her was Chrome’s Bookmark all feature. Simply go to the hamburger menu, Bookmarks, Bookmark Open Pages. Chrome will give you a window asking you to create a folder for the bookmarks. I tend to call it the date and some sort of reference and then click Save.

In your bookmarks you will now have a new folder with that name and inside is all the tabs you have open in that window. tabs in other windows are not saved, so if you have multiple windows, you will need to bookmark them too. Really handy if you want to be sure you have all those resources.

It’s worth noting that Chrome will “usually” give you the option to restore all tabs if it is restarted, but it’s safer to be sure. I have noticed there can be some glitchyness with multiple Windows open, especially if there are multiple Chrome accounts with windows open.

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