018: Taking notes with Evernote

Do you have lots of notes all over the place? On sticky notes, in notebooks, scribbled on the back of envelopes or even on napkins? I have a solution that will keep all your notes in the one place, searchable and accessible from wherever you are.

Welcome to Evernote, my note-taking app of choice for the last dozen or so years. Evernote allows me to take notes of all types: text, photo, audio, video, even lists and store and arrange them safely so I can access them on my phone, iPad, work or Home laptop or even just by logging in to the Evernote Web page.

My account has over 22 hundred notes of various types from random thoughts to shopping lists, journal entries, business ideas, and business cards. Next month I’m going to a conference, my ticket with barcode is stored ready in Evernote. As the day draws nearer I’ll add my itinerary for traveling there to make sure I arrive on time.

Evernote is what is known as a freemuim service. There is a free version that does a good portion of what most people want, or, if you want a bit extra, or want to support the company that does such a great job, you can update to the Premium version. There are also business versions available to help with the sharing and collection of notes from multiple people.

To get started with Evernote, simply go to http://techdoctor.com.au/evernote. This link allows me to earn a small referral commision if you chose to purchase so that I can use the money to continue to grow and improve this channel.

Once you have created your account (you can even just use your Google login) you can download the software for Windows or Mac, iOS or Android. For instruction on installing, see episode 015 on Installing software. Evernote is, in fact, the software I used to demonstrate that episode.
Then once you sign in on whatever device, you can create your first note with the big plus button and type away.

Even before you do that, though, you might just want to read through the Welcome to Evernote note that is already created for you when you first log in. It gives you information on capturing ideas, Making To-do lists, Adding reminders, Creating tables, Organising your notes and Sharing your notes.

It also has a bunch of links for further information. There are also notes on The Wonder of Attachments and the joys of Web clipping, which allows you to save a web page for later reference.

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