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Hey there YouTube!

Chrome extensions, are they like those tail fins on cars like
the EK Holden? No!

Chrome extensions are little additions to chrome that extend its capability and customise the browsing experience. They allow the user to customise Chrome to their preferences.

Extensions are usually downloaded from the Chrome Web Store or can be directly installed with other programs. For example, Evernote which we learned about in Episode 18 installs a Chrome extension that allows you quick access to save web pages in a variety of forms to our Evernote List.

Extensions are designed to have a single fixed purpose and be minimal. To access existing extensions simply go to the hamburger menu, click more tools and then extensions. Here you can see some of the many extensions I use every day and a few that I’m testing at the moment.

To add new extensions you need to go to the Chrome Web Store which you can access by going to the menu at the top left of the extensions, clicking open Chrome Web Store from the bottom. You can also access it by clicking the chrome apps button at the left end of the bookmark toolbar and then clicking on the web store apps or the link at the bottom right corner.

The Web Store itself lists probably tens of thousands of available extensions with many ways to search and filter them. I won’t spend too long here other than to suggest that you have a look around and try a few and see what you like.

I will, however, recommend a few of my favourites. I’ve already mentioned Evernote and another program I spoke about, LastPass relies heavily on its Chrome extension.

Another useful extension is Adblock plus. There are many of these types of programs, I tend to look for the one with the lots of downloads and a good rating. The one I have has a logo of ABP and is currently at version 3.4.

Grammarly is a great extension that helps with spelling and grammar and the paid version adds a bunch of other features. Momentum is a great New Tab replacement with its own personal dashboard including To-do, weather and inspiration.

The Great Suspender is an amazing extension that puts apps to sleep after
an hour, great for people like me who have lots of tabs open but don’t want
them using lots of available memory.

The last one I’ll mention is eBay; an extension that allows you to keep tabs on the items you’re watching, buying or selling on eBay.

I hope that was really helpful for you. At The Tech Doctor Network, our goal is to guide you each step of the way as you become comfortable with your computer.

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