001: All about getting started with the Google Chrome Web Browser

Ok, I’m kicking off this channel with a series on the Web Browser called Chrome. Chrome is the Web browser made by Google. But first, what is a Web Browser?

A Web Browser (or just Browser for short) is a Program or App that you use to access Web pages, including (most likely) this YouTube page.

So which Browser are you using?
The best way to tell is to look at the icon you clicked to start the Browser. It will probably be the active icon in the taskbar or dock at the bottom of your screen.

Okay, so this is what Google Chrome looks like. it’s got the distinctively angled edges on the tabs <not anymore> at the top and the logo that looks like this. If you’re already using Chrome you can safely skip the rest of
this video.

If you are using desktop or laptop computer with Windows, you are probably using either Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

If you don’t have Chrome, and you want it, which I strongly recommend,
you need to do the following. I’m doing this in Microsoft Edge:
Goto http://google.com/chrome (link is in the show notes, next to the Subscribe button)
Click “Download Chrome”. Read (or not) The “Google Chrome Terms of Service”. Click Accept & Install. The installer will download and you can then click “Run” and then “Yes” on the User Account Control Screen and Chrome will install, leaving an Icon on your desktop.

The final step is to run Chrome for the first time and go through the process to make it the default browser and pin it to the task bar, following the instructions provided on the screen.